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Welcome to Red Barn Farm

We started this business with a small idea and a big barn. After years of dreams to create a space to hold memories dear, we decided to open Red Barn Farm to everyone.

Thank you for choosing us for your special day!

Ron & Cheri Craig


Turning a Vision into Reality

Cheri has years of interior decorating under her belt. Pair that with supreme gardening skills and she is your modern day Martha Stewart.

She can bring all your visions to life.

Cheri Craig

Co-Owner, Decorator


You Dream it, We Bring it

Professional by day, content nerd at night. Schuylar does web work for multiple businesses and brings visions to life on the net.

A website should show beauty, dedication and heart - just like Red Barn Farm does.

Schuylar Craig

Content Design


Brains and the Braun

Husband, father, grandfather and the master of any tool. This guy will never give up on any task. Trust me, he's the go-to guy to bringing any vision to life.

Ron Craig
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